Firm invests in milk supply

By Collins Nweze

The Milk Booster has reiterated its commitment to making new investments to boost local milk sufficiency and help in solving insufficient milk supply for breastfeeding mothers.

The company also revealed a relaunch of its several product variants in new and friendly packaging during an event in Lagos.

Speaking at a press conference, the Managing Director of The Milk Booster, Obinwanne Chibueze, explained that the brand has strategically invested in ingredients and products to support mothers across the country, especially by providing specific solutions tailored to their needs.

“With accreditation from NAFDAC and feedback from our customers across the continent, the new packaging helps for better storage and retainment of products’ quality, even as the products still have the same taste. We understand how important breastfeeding can be for the mother and the child, and due to the strong relationship we have with mothers, every single product from us should be valuable in improving their lifestyles.

The urgency for The Milk Booster was birthed out of the founder Dr Chinny Obinwanne’s experience, who explained the difficulty in providing a steady supply of breast milk for her child. After realiSing that her baby was always unsatisfied, she began to tweak recipes to get healthier low-calorie cookies that increased the quantity and quality of the breast milk.

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