Few weeks to his passing out, doctor’s negligence leads to the death of NYSC member



The circumstance leading to the death of Abraham, a Batch A Stream 1 youth corper serving in Akwa Ibom State, has led to outrage among corps member. He was said to have collapsed during a football match at the Government Technical College (GTC), in Abak, Akwa Ibom state. 



He was rushed to Mercy Clinic, Abak, but they refused attending to him by, demanding money before treatment. At that point most corpers around had nothing because they were coming from the football field. The doctor on duty rejected all pleas and went back to his office. 



An elderly woman who was a nurse tried her bit, few minutes later a Reverend Father came, prayed for Abraham and personally begged the doctor for more than 40 minutes before the doctor came to see what was going on, he injected Abraham and instructed that he be transferred to Teaching Hospital, Uyo. He, however, gave up the ghost before getting there.”


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