Fayose gives the Ekiti lawmaker detained by the DSS, a car reward


Afolabi Akanni, was arrested detained for 18 days by the Department of State Services for allegedly breaching state security. At a point, he claimed he was terribly sick. Rumor even had it that he had died in custody. He was released when his health condition didn’t improve but regained his full health some hours after being released.

The Ekiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose, has now rewarded him with a car gift. At the ceremony,Fayose said, “This House of Assembly is very unique and exemplary. You have refused to be bought over. My detractors have money and influence but Power of God starts where that of men stops. I’m so proud of you.

You have shown that you can see beyond today. Wealth is not the amount of money in your bank but your level of integrity. You represent and carry yourselves as responsible Nigerians. The Old testament has to give way to the new testament. You are the ‘New testament’ House of Assembly…. in short, you r loyal n u need to be rewarded ahead of Ayodele with a CGPA of 5.0….


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