Family who owns 40-year-old whisky, wants the government to come for it

This is the story of a bottle of whisky that has survived unopened for four decades. It’s a jumbo giant bottle, and heavy, as one can hardly lift it with one hand. The 40-year old bottle and its content is
sealed and packed in a brown carton, with an iron metal holding it. .

According to Adeyinka Williams, the custodian of the Johnnie Walker Red Label, the whisky has been in the family safe since 1977. Williams said his father begged them to keep it intact and show it to people as a relic. According to him, “My late father once told me how somebody bargained N1.5m for it in 1985, but refused to sell because he was looking for a bigger and better offer. .

Even after his death some years ago, some of my friends offered me N2m for it, yet I declined selling it because my father did not ask us to sell it but to preserve it. Many have attempted to steal it from here, but we kept it in a vault, no-one knows except me. To tell you the truth, it has become an antiquity for us.

I want the government to come for it and put it in the museum, such that it would be for record purpose and our family would have its name written in gold. I don’t need the money and I am not in a hurry to make it in life. How much will I sell it that will give me honour and dignity?

I don’t even drink alcohol, and our family members are not hungry to sell it either; so we’ll rather keep it in a museum, where it will be well-preserved.” Adeyinka who is a technician, is one of the 12 children of Chief Williams. Himself and his 2 sisters, are the only ones in the country, while the rest are in America and Europe working as pilots, medical doctors, engineers….. boys of nowadays wld av popped dt thing on a very good Friday……


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