Fake policeman arrested with fake currencies in Kaduna.


EFCC Kaduna Zonal office, has arrested one Hussaini Mohammed of Tanko Road Barakallahu Kaduna State, for alleged case of extortion, currency counterfeiting and impersonation of the Nigerian Police Force. 



The accused, Mohammed, is alleged to have on several occasions disguised as a Corporal in the Nigeria Police Force having collected monies in order to secure the release of suspects from the Police. 



He was caught in the act while trying to extort money from another party. Following the record of his statements an authorized search warrant was carried out and following items were recovered from him.



1. 7 pieces of suspected fake 1000 Naira 

2. 4 pieces of suspected fake 100 US dollars 

3. 1000 & 2000 Mauritanian currency note

4. 2 Police Warrant card

5. 1 Nigerian Police bullet proof jacket

6. 8 pieces of new and old etisalat sim cards

7. 1 Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) membership ID card

8. One crested Police belt

9. 5 Police customized trousers

10. 2 customized Police shirts

11. One Police Lanyard

12. 1 handcuff

13. 1 Police case file with documents 

14. Motor vehicle particulars

15. 1 motorcycle plate number with the inscription ” Babane 96″

16. 1 Motor vehicle plate number with registration No. BG 543 RSH

17. 2 police badges with different rank

18. A small bag containing Peugeot car documents

19. Police crown

20. 1 first bank ATM verve card with name, Muhammad Sagir 

21. 1 camouflage ‘P’ cap 

22. 3 charms

23. 1 Police sweater

24. 1 techno handset

25. 1 small size pocket bag teargas 

26. 1 fake National ID card

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