Fake news about me frolicking with strippers nearly caused me my marriage- Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has narrated
how a fake report about him frolicking with
strippers nearly caused a rift between him and
his wife, Dolapo.
Osinabjo disclosed this while speaking at a
BBC symposium on fake news tagged, ‘Nigeria
2019: Countering Fake News’, in Abuja
yesterday Wednesday January 9th.
Lending credence to the fact that fake news
can cause a lot of problems, Osinbajo said a
blogger had published a photo of him with two
women and claimed he was hanging out with
strippers. However, a check on the photo after
his wife had called him to talk about the
photo, showed it had been edited.
“I have been one of the targets of fake
news. It can also sometimes cause
you marital peace. I got a call from my
wife about three or four weeks ago
and she said Yemi what are you doing
with strippers and I said what do you
mean by strippers? So, I read a story
in a famous blog that said, ‘Osinbajo
caught with strippers’.
“And there was a photograph of me
sitting between two perfectly clothed
ladies but underneath this picture, the
same ladies were not wearing much.
“In fact-checking (I noticed that) the
photographs with these two ladies at
an entertainment event were taken
when they were perfectly clothed but
by the time the story was put out, it
was as though I had taken a photo
with them at the time they were not
clothed at all. As it turns out, I wasn’t
in the picture of where they were not
wearing clothes but just the caption,
the stories and all that gave the
impression that here I was in the
company of these ladies at a point
when they were doing their business. I
think the capacity of fake news to
cause great harm is not in doubt at
all.” he said

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