Facebook’s Safety Check now lets people share first-person accounts from disaster zones

Facebook today announced an update to its Safety Check feature that expands the tool from simply allowing you to mark yourself as safe to sharing a bit more information about what’s happening on the ground. Facebook says it has activated the Safety Check feature, which launched back in 2014, over 1,000 times

These new first-person accounts will allow users to share information about road blockages, fires, flooding, electricity outages and other dangers during a disaster.

In addition to this, Facebook is also launching an update to its existing blood donation program. The company is launching a new hub today that will make it easier for clinics, blood banks and donors to find each other. Using this tool, a blood banks can notify potential donors (who can share their blood type) of a blood shortage, for example, and steer them toward their location.

This is an expansion to the existing “Blood donations on Facebook” service is now live on India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and so far, over 8 million people have already signed up for the service.

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