Face Of Man Who Pretend To Be Dead To Defraud His Family

A young man, Tachawit Janngiw, published his own obituary on social media in order to defraud his family members of the cost of his “funeral”.

Janngiw (pictured above) had his wife share photos of his ‘corpse’ complete with cotton-wool stuffed nose on his Facebook page, with the caption; “last photo before deactivating his Facebook. Love you.” 

Sun UK reports that she told concerned friends that he had died of cancer and asthma.

The newly ‘widow’ went on to call her mother-in-law to divulge the news as well as ask for money to arrange his funeral, because she didn’t have money.

The grief-stricken family wired £450 to her to pay for a coffin and vehicle to take his body back to his hometown.

The family began making funeral arrangements and contacted a temple in preparation for the body arriving the next day.

However, when neither the corpse nor the wife arrived, Tachawit’s cousin called his mobile.

After answering, he quickly hung up after realizing who was on the other end and that was how the truth was revealed

Tachawit’s mother speaking with reporters said, “She said she didn’t have money to prepare the body, so I sent her money on that same day.”

Though the family have lost the £1400 funeral costs, she said she doesn’t bear a grudge against him.

A check on his Facebook page showed a condolence message from Facebook that read; “Remembering Tachawit Janngiw. We hope that people who love Tachawit will find comfort in visiting his profile to remember and celebrate his life.”
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