Ex-beauty Queen, Munachi, finally breaks the jinx to start her charity work ( photos + video ) 

Munachi Abi, while sharing the cheering news, wrote: “There is something that has been in my heart for such a long time. In my mind I had planned an elaborate day filled with lots of delicious meals for the people, my people ,who hardly find time to eat good with joy and laughter because they work so hard & hardly earn enough. & so I planned to take one day in a month to celebrate the people by celebrating them with a befitting meal.

I had planned, replanned and planned again for my project, fortunately  humans always fail but God never fails. I was done whining, complaining and making excuses as to why I hadn’t kept my promise. I decided to do it anyway, even if it meant feeding one person at a time.

This time, I will not give up! & so I cooked!!! Delicious seafood Okra & my sister @antak_jessica cooked afang soup  & we set out to feed anyone we could find. it was such a beautiful day.

Oga vulcanizer and his boy never hesperrerit & I am happy for the joy it put on their faces. #thankGod #munafeeds #success #charity #foodie #givelove #spreadlove #happiness #love. Oh yea, after which, I went to meet @ciara”



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