Employees decry the ill treatment they receive at the Airtel Customer Care Center in Ibadan

An aggrieved employer wrote: “Kindly come and rescue fellow Nigerians here in Airtel customer care centre in Ibadan, Oyo State, where Nigerian graduates are treated likes salves, where graduates are sacked without proper procedure of Labour Law, where crazy shifts are imposed on the agents.
Where employees are not allowed to take their breaks. Imagine, security officers cease graduates phones because you are not allowed to go inside with your phones, even in times of emergency. During night shifts, call center agents sleep on mat and they tell you if you cant cope then resign.

The crazy afternoon shift they just introduce, runs from 12:30 pm to 9:30pm. Imagine a married lady who closes from work at 9:30pm, where there is insecurity, no street lights and we have places like Soka where people are being killed often. Please we need the whole world to see how the Indians treat graduates likes slaves without proper Job Design and Salaries structure.”


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