EgyptAir aircraft was hijacked by love sick professor demanding to see Cypriot ex-wife


The EgyptAir flight was hijacked in Egypt, by a passenger on board named Ibrahim Abdel Tawwab Samaha, who diverted it to Cyprus . It is alleged that personal motives were behind his actions as he wanted to see his ex-wife, who is Cypriot. Almost all the passengers on the plane have now been released. 

The crew and four passengers, foreigners are still held on the plane. The wife is now being brought to the airport. Samaha, is a professor of veterinary medicine at Alexandria University,  where he is the head of the department of food health. The estranged wife lives in the village of Oroklini not far from the airport…. Samaha has jst singlehandedly raised d standard of luv expression….


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