Ecstatic Crowd to Church Rush In As ‘Jesus’ Appears In Makurdi Catholic Church

Thousands of Catholic parishioners and worshipers of other religious faith within and outside Makurdi, the Benue State capital have continued to troop into St. Augustine Catholic Parish, Nenger, located behind Government Model College, Makurdi, to catch a glimpse of the Christ crucifix that got enveloped with Jesus Christ apparition.

The Guardian correspondent, who was at the church, observed that the shinny image in the likeness of Jesus depicting the time he rose from the dead after crucifixion, had on his head a crown, while the entire body was covered in a sparkling white robe.

It was observed that most of the Christians and non-Christians who trooped to the altar, where the crucifix was mounted in the church, scampered to lay their hands on it with chanting prayers like “Jesus save me”, “Jesus, the son of God, have mercy on us.”

One of the parishioners, Mr. Emmanuel Kaashima, who spoke to The Guardian about his experience, said he was shocked when he saw the Christ apparition, as it was the first time such would happen in the church since it was established.

On his reaction and interpretation of the incident, Reverend Father in charge of the parish, Celestine Tyowua, declined comment, adding that he would speak at the appropriate time.

He said “We shall comment at the appropriate time. I have to consult with the Bishop of Makurdi diocese who will thereafter contact the Catholic secretariat and probably Rome before we can comment.”

Patrick Agada, a parishioner from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral Church, Makurdi, who came to witness the apparition, said he believed the apparition was truly that of Jesus Christ.


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