Drunk driver kills Nigerian girl, 2 others, in the U.S

Nerad Grace Mangai of Jos, Nigeria, and Brook Dagnew and Kirubel Alemayehu Hailu, both of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, died and a fourth Solomon Tamire, also of Addis Ababa, was injured along a northern Indiana highway when a van driven by a man who authorities say was intoxicated struck them early Sunday.

The driver of the van that struck them, Deangelo R. Evans, 26, of Chicago, was treated for minor injuries and charged with 3 counts each of reckless homicide and operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing death and one count of OWI resulting in serious bodily injury. 

The students plus three others who were not injured had gone to Ball State University in Muncie and Taylor University in Upland and were returning to Manchester’s campus in North Manchester, when their van had a flat tire. 

They were outside the vehicle partially off the roadway toward the median while the tire was being changed. As they worked to repair the tire, a van driven by Evans, left the road and struck four of them and the van. They’re students of Manchester University.


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