Dr Joe Odumakin reveals that the man who battered his wife is a bisexual drug addict

Here is an update of the case of Gloria who was battered by his husband whose family wants the case to be settled within the family. I told you last week that rights activist and president of Women Arise for Chamge Initiative, Dr. Joe Odumakin, has stood up for her.

Hours ago, the doctor visited Gloria at the hospital and shared this update: “If you’re following the GBV case involving Gloria, updates now from the hospital here. Gloria, 3 children abandoned at the hospital by “husband” Mr. Jude Izuakor after evil deed.

We’re taking the victim & children from hospital as we learned the wife-beater Jude Izuakor is abuser of hard drugs. We learned that wife-beater, Jude Izuakor now wants to be sleeping with fellow men & wants to kill his wife.

If u see Jude Izuakor, tell him his wife & children are afraid to return home to a monster. Face of legendary wife beater,Jude Izuakor &result of his epic deed. We shall see in court!”


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