Don’t Expose Your Marriage to Your Mother if She Doesn’t Respect The Word of God

As a mother-in-law, midnight calls smells of a quarrel between my daughter and her husband, and this was no exception. My daughter’s sobs interrupted my hello. “I’m coming ho… hooome,” she wailed.

A similar incident with my (own) mother, years in the past, raced through my mind and caused me to plead, ‘Lord please help me. Give me words (to guide my daughter right)’.

Sweetheart, you are home.” My words flowed calm, much calmer than I felt; they even surprised me.

“Nooooo,” she sobbed. “You don’t understand; I’m coming hooome.” More tears and nose-blowing noise.

No, sweetheart, you don’t understand. You are home. This is not your home anymore. Your home is with your husband.”

Like water turns to ice — but much, much faster — her tears turned to belches of burning anger. “Well! If that’s the way you feel, good-bye.”

Old telephones always gave a resounding thunderclap in the hearer’s ears when slammed into their cradle. Thank you Lord for cell phones, but silence screamed in my ears.

I knew my daughter. I knew about newlywed spats, disagreements, or anything that disturbed their bliss. I also knew history repeated itself. My mom listened to the soot of my angry swipes in the early days of our marriage and comforted this baby girl, while reminding me of all the reasons I shouldn’t have married him. Husband and I made up a few hours later, but like an elephant, my mother never forgot. And she nursed her grudge.

I determined I would not repeat that mistake (with my own daughter who just got married).

The phone rang 10 minutes later and my son-in-law said, “Mom, she left and I think she’s headed for your house. I’m sorry. Please let me know when she arrives.”

My daughter’s temper always had a rapid vanishing point, and her quick mind knew when her bluff had been called. I offered, “I doubt she’s on her way here. My bet is she’s sitting around the corner wondering how to save face and return home.” I asked him to let me know when she returned.

Less than 20 minutes later the phone rang. Even before I said hello, I heard her shouts, and son-in-law whispered, “She’s home, Mom.”

“Night, sweetheart. Thanks for letting me know she’s safe.”

You see, moms have this elephant-memory; coupled with our mama lion’s protectiveness toward our cubs comes a recipe for disastrous family relations if you injure the child we carried next to our heart. Sometimes forever. So don’t run to mama because of issues in your marriage. He’s your husband — not a stranger!

God’s Word instructs we are to leave and cleave.

Ladies, and this applies to men too, when you stand before the preacher with this handsome hunk or beautiful angel you’re pledging to love and cherish, you are entering into a three-way covenant with God and your husband or wife. Be careful what you do.

[written by DiAne Gates]

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