Did you know the chocolate skin babe of Beat FM Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi wears ButtPads?

Talking about self-esteem, some popular people feel just like us too and they are totally human, and yes Miss Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi popularly called Gbemi O. O. sometimes wears butt pads and this is not even a rumor, if you’ve worked with her before of hugged her before in a flirty way you would have noticed, her butt seems to change in shapes and sizes everytime you see her and just as you give her a hug and you slide your hands down her waist you can feel that stupid and annoying shocking bump of the really stupid hard confusing foam, ugh!

The popularly OAP and boss at Beat FM who launched her successful shoe business called ‘Gbemisoke shoes’ just because we girls love shoes has a lovely skin and has been a labeled a snob by people who don’t really know her, well her personality is her business but her self-esteem should be worked on, its not easy but she’d get there and we are only calling her out because of her past controversies with some people.

My advice is she better stop wearing any funny crap underneath her clothes and she should probably stop hugging rich f*ck boys who kiss and tell, atleast we got this gist from one of her artiste friend she hugged, smh! Boys!

Folks with the microscopic eyes can see many things in this picture below and what’s with the toes sticking out there…


Hello beautiful dark maiden Gbemi, just be nice and always say goodmorning with a smile to anybody you come in contact with be it your boss or your gateman, you become sunshine anytime you enter anywhere with that attitude you can squeeze up your face afterwards.

But here’s a picture of Mr. Osi Suave musing in amazement over Gbemi’s butt, men really don’t care about the size of your butt so far its natural and curvy.


So long!


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