Desperate Man Busted After Faking His Death With His Wife To Scam His Family

A man identified as Tachawit Janngiw, has used social media to fake his own death in a bid to get family members to send money to cover his own funeral costs in Thailand.

According to reports, the man through his wife, posted three photos of his “dead body” on Facebook on Sunday complete with cotton up his nose to make his death look real.

“Last photo before deactivating his Facebook. Love you,” she wrote as she later told concerned friends that her husband had died of cancer and asthma and had been “pretending” to be ok for a long time.

Coconuts Bangkok reported that Tachawit’s wife reportedly called his mother, who lives in Lampang province, demanding cash. The family then wired $590 to her to pay for a coffin and vehicle to take his body back to his hometown.

The family began making funeral arrangements and contacted a temple in preparation for the body arriving the next day. But when the body didn’t arrive, Tachawit’s cousin called his mobile, he picked the call and quickly hung up after realizing who was on the phone.

While speaking to a correspondent, Tachawit’s mother said: “She [the wife] said she didn’t have money to prepare the body, so I sent her money on that same day.”

According to the mother, the family has lost $1,800 as a result of the Fraud, but she doesn’t bear a grudge against her son and his wife.
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