Dasukigate: Jafaru Isa, a Buhari’s associate and APC chieftain, gets arrested .


Last night EFCC arrested a former military governor of Kaduna State under military regime of Gen. Abacha ,and APC chieftain, Lawal Jafaru Isa. With this, Isa becomes the first chieftain of the APC to be arrested in
relation to the $2.1 billion arms purchase scandal.

Mr. Isa, a close friend of the embattled former National Security Adviser, Dasuki and a close political associate of Pres Buhari, was arrested at his Abuja residence located at Ajayi Crowther Street, Asokoro. He is alleged to have received over N100m from Dasuki. .

EFCC had invited him to come and clear the air yesterday, but he wrote a letter to the EFCC through his lawyer, seeking a postponement of his appearance date on the grounds of death of a relative. Dissatisfied with his excuse, the EFCC arrested him to clarify the questionable receipts…… Buhari shldnt av allowed ds. So much for friendship…….


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