Controversial South African pastor commands female congregation member to turn into a horse and rider her….literally

Oh why, why, why! I thought the youths in South Africa tried to shutdown this man’s church some months ago. Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, who has in the past given his members grass to eat, stepped on their body as part of his deliverance sessions and has had his church shut/burnt in the past over his odd behaviour with his congregation time, has struck again.


According to the Church’s post on social media, the Pastor during his whole night service on Friday, demonstrated power by commanding a woman to turn into a white horse, and it happened. The lady started acting like a horse and the Pastor quickly took a ride on her. She was then commanded to return back to her normal state and when she did, she allegedly said ‘she didn’t see or feel what was happening’. Why are they still letting this man operate?



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