Come Out Or We Declare You Wanted – Police Warns Dino Melaye

Another drama coming? The Police is set to declare Senator Dino Melaye wanted if he fails to turn himself in to answer questions over the shooting involving his convoy, during which he claimed he was the target.

Kogi State Commissioner of Police, Ali Janga, said;
“Unidentified civilians inside (a vehicle in the convoy) decided to open fire on my policemen. You don’t expect the police to fold their arms; eventually they replied and opened fire too.

“Dino has been going round telling people that he was attacked by unidentified armed men; no, they were real police officers.

“They were there on assignment. Nobody attacked Dino but rather, his convoy attacked my policemen and they repelled.

“We are going after him (Melaye) and if we cannot see him, we will declare him wanted and we will send his name for watchlisting.”
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