Celine Dion’s husband and former manager dies of cancer at 73


Rene Angelil, the man Celine called ‘the only boyfriend’ she ever has, finally lost his long battle with throat cancer this morning. He passed away at the family’s home in Las Vegas surrounded by his family and
loved ones.

This wasn’t the first time that Rene developed cancer. In 1998, he was first diagnosed with the disease. He had the tumor removed from his neck and after treatment, he would recover. Sadly, the disease would come back and this time, it would be fatal. .

Celine has been preparing for this sad fate by her husband’s side for months, and recently returned to her residency in Vegas back in August, per Rene’s wishes. After managing Celine for over 30 years, Rene had to resign in 2013 due to his declining health. .

As he continued treatments, Celine even suspended her Las Vegas residency to take care of her ailing husband. As his final hours approached, Celine assured her husband that he’d die in her arms, calming his fears in his time of need. .

While most Celine fans know Rene as her manager and husband, he was actually a pop singer in the 1960s. Rene was part of the French Canadian group, The Baronets, and they had success translating English-language pop hits into French for the Quebec part of Canada. .

He reportedly first met Celine when she was only 12. She and her mother had sent him a demo tape, and he was reportedly moved to tears by her voice. The two began a romantic relationship in the early 1990’s and were married in 1994. They had 3 sons together. Cc: @jokeadegokeblog


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