Caroline Danjuma is the real source of her matrimonial problems (Hot gist)

  • The popular nollywood actress Caroline Danjuma cause her marriage to fail
  • infidelity

So well, I know a lot of things and I’d always talk when am in the mood, you see sometime ago I sat with some people unwinding and just talking about things and then I mentioned how lovely I thought Caroline Danjuma is or was and many mouths came loose on hearing my comment.

First of all I really like this woman’s looks, see I don’t know about her personality but reliable sources had it that she’s not so cool, infact the only sunshine a stranger can get from her if she sat opposite you was her looks, the rest were ‘odo’.

Now let me give you the tea; On a faithful afternoon that looked bright, beautiful and promising Madam Caroline Danjuma took to her new record label office preparing to begin running things, she had already imagined she would be part of the music business this way or … another way?


Caroline Ekanem

So that faithful day with all office employees at their individual post doing what they were paid wages and salaries to do she had guests. This record label she was floating then was being financed by her loving husband Mr. Musa Danjuma, the man is pretty rich and so many times people have asked how she came to marry such a wealthy business man at a short time of dating and some said she snatched him from another woman, I heard this and wasn’t so sure but i started to think this claim was true after her husband’s alleged side chick named Antoniette Audream got exposed and dragged her many times on social media, this very lightskin lady pulled Mrs Caroline through mud and grass and threatened to deal with her, I thought this was some audacity until pictures of Caroline’s husband surfaced and he was in an expensive restaurant with this new sidechick. Caroline Danjuma seemed to be unbothered, she even went as far to say all men cheat and hers ain’t the first man to cheat… so I got curious.


Caroline Danjuma and her family

On one of those days in her record label office where she had some business related guests her husband walked in into her lounge with her guests present and looked at her with pain and anger in his eyes, I guess he must have thought he had been lying in bed with the wrong woman all the time he knew her. This was reportedly the first time he would hit her except if there’s another story to that but that day he beat the ‘shit’ out of her.

Caroline Danjuma Hutchkins took the beating of her life as her husband lashed her from left to right and tore the expensive clothes off her body calling her a ‘whore’ now her guests were in shock and they were scared, everybody watched in shock and were too frozen to begin begging the angry man, you all know how men hate to share their precious wives with anybody and this ma’m got shared and shamed her husband in the process of her senseless escapades.

As I sat with my people listening and hearing so many things about her I got lost and I wondered how hard it was for it to really satisfy and love a woman, I mean in this industry I’ve had a lot of guys hit on me and I never for once even considered them because these ‘fuckboys’ always kiss and tell, I don’t know how some women still don’t listen. The nollywood actress had been cheating on her husband with these industry yeye boys, theses guys have bragged and the story had reached her husband’s hearing and that was how her matrimonial problems started. The sidechicks ‘knacking’ her husband are not even afraid of her because they know her story and the madam can’t complain much except to put up a face and act like the victim here, shame on you Caroline!

See below some of the many shots this ‘Side Chick’ Antoniette Audream had fired in the past;


Once your bad family matter enter internet then there’s serious fire on the mountain…


danjuma4 danjuma3 danjuma2 danjuma1 danjuma


If you had watched closely all these girls the husband now flaunts about already know what she did wrong and are just too eager to replace her and be the new madam of the home and mansion.

I don’t know how these marriage could be remedy other than by the grace of God but I guess Karma came knocking just like the latest power couple to break up Brad and Angelina, smh! These small boys she slept with can’t even make her happy as a real woman nor give her things women love as she’s really materialistic, I wonder where she would go from here…God help us all.




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