Businessman Trying To Defend Okada Man From Touts Stabbed To Death (Photos)

There was chaos in Onitsha, the commercial city of Anambra state yesterday after a businessman was killed earlier around Main Market axis.

The deceased was allegedly stabbed to death by a group of thugs and cultists after he prevented them from extorting money from an Okada rider.

The man was reported to have defended the Okada rider as the touts along with their chairman were trying to extort money from him.

He reportedly threatened to lock the touts up in prison as he came to the rescue of the Okada man.

The hoodlums got angry and pounced on him, beating him mercilessly. They stabbed him with bottles, knives and the weapons they could lay their hands on and left him to die in the pool of his blood.

This sparked outrage among the business community as traders shut all shops to protest the incident.

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