Boys are no longer smiling: Nigeria drops in the latest Global Happiness Ranking


The World Happiness Report 2016 update, which ranks 157 countries by their happiness levels, is out. It was released in Rome on Wednesday, in advance of UN World Happiness Day, on Sunday, March 20, 2016. And Nigeria now ranks no 103 in the world and 6th in Africa.

Nigeria dropped from its 78th position in the World and 2nd in Africa in 2015. Denmark is now the world’s happiest place, while Algeria, 38 in the world, is now the happiest place in Africa. Mauritius is the 2nd happiest country in Africa, followed by Libya, Morocco and Tunisia respectively.

The bottom 10 were; Madagascar, Tanzania, Liberia, Guinea, Rwanda, Benin, Afghanistan, Togo, Syria and Burundi. The World Happiness Report is an initiative of the UN and it is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness, aimed at influencing government policy…. thank God we r no longer suffering n smiling…. 


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