Boy found dead inside open latrine, a day after going missing


According to Punchng, Kehinde Toba, a primary one pupil, who lost his father 5 years ago and had been staying with his uncle at Alapere Street, Ketu, Lagos, was walking out of the house around 7pm on
Wednesday, when he slipped and fell into an open 25-foot latrine.

His corpse was later discovered at about 5pm the next day, after a bricklayer had sealed up the pit without knowing that he was trapped in it. The caretakers of the house have been arrested. Kehinde and his siblings lived in a house at the back of the affected building.

A resident explained that the latrine was left open because the old concrete slab fell into the pit. She added that: “A bricklayer made a new concrete slab and placed it beside the pit because they had yet to pay him for the job.

However, on Thursday, the tenants began to look for the bricklayer to cover up the latrine. The bricklayer went and covered it up and later heard the news of the missing boy. It was at this point that he remembered seeing a pair of shoes inside the latrine he sealed.”

The bricklayer reportedly told those who gave him the job about his discovery in the latrine, but was allegedly asked to get on with his job. The man, however, opened the slab and was said to have found the victim’s head showing under the old slab that fell into the latrine.

The uncle reportedly passed out upon the discovery and was admitted to a private hospital. Kehinde’s elder brother, Seun, 10, while fighting back tears, said he could not believe that his brother was dead. “I just want them to produce my brother; tell the government to produce him,” he said.


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