Bishop Oyedepo: You Can Be A Christian and Miss Heaven

I just smile when I see the way some people are living recklessly in these days of social media, dirty music, erotic movies, etc. Everybody wants to feel among. Please, don’t end in Hell because you want to follow people of the world do ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’.

You want to drink what sinners are drinking? Go where sinners are going? Live like them, just to feel among? If your eyes are “OPEN” just a little and you see how the souls of those who die in sin are wailing in Hell, you will become a true child of God immediately. Be warned!

Here’s the words of Winner Chapel’s Bishop David Oyedepo;

Names are being blotted out in Heaven (Book of life) every second. 

It’s possible for your name to be there today and not be there tomorrow. 

It means our names are written in Pencil in Heaven.
Stay on in righteousness for your name to remain there.
If your name isn’t there, strive for your name to enter.
Judas’ name was there but later blotted out; he became the ‘son of perdition’.

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