Big Brother Naija to hold after 2019 elections and inaugurations

The last two editions of Big Brother Naija
reality show kicked off in January, but for
some reason there’s been an unusual silence
about the show this year.
LIB can now confirm that the show has been
put on hold due to the forthcoming general
elections in February.
A highly placed source at Payporte (the
official sponsors of the reality show)
confirmed to LIB that, ‘Big Brother will still hold
but because its a political year, we can’t really
control to what extent what the housemates will
say in the house and we dont want it to become
a tool that will heat up the polity’ .
The source went on to add that, ‘the show
itself normally gets twisted so we don’t want to
mix it up with politics in anyway. Its supposed
to be entertaining, we wouldn’t want it to be
divisive in anyway. If you notice, no religious
activity gets discussed in the house too, if you
want to pray you can pray, we don’t want
anyone to be forced to do it or divide Nigerians
along those lines. So after the elections and
inaugurations, it’ll happen’.
The last edition of the show kicked off on
January 28, 2018 and wrapped up in April with
Miracle Ikechukwu emerging winner of the
hotly contested reality show.

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