Ben Bruce rips Buhari apart over the age of his ministers


The 60-year-old Senator called for youth involvement in governance in a series of tweet, following the announcement of a 22-year-old as a minister in UAE. He went further to say: “We need fresh thinking in
government which can only be brought about by youth well versed in today’s technology.

All our ministers are older than the Canadian Prime Minister and almost all of them are older than the British PM? Nigeria desperately needs youths as ministers and heads of parastatals not just as ‘Strategic Advisers’ to ministers. In 1982 Senator Olusola Saraki screened Audu Ogbeh as minister.

In 2016 his son Bukola screened same man as minister. We can make ALL our ministers of State youth and make senior citizens the senior minister. Youths are the hope of Nigeria, they are the ones that can bring the desired change. Look back at our history. We made our most progress under youthful leaders like Gowon, Murtala and Obasanjo.

Nigerian leaders love traveling to Dubai. Let them learn from Dubai that youths are leaders of today not tomorrow.”…. pls don’t ask me why I didn’t allow a youth 4rm my constituency go to d senate instead of me. We no gt youth for we side…..


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