Battered wife begs police not to charge her husband to court


Last week Monday, a 30-year-old NYSC member and housewife, was allegedly battered by her husband, Bade, during a disagreement at their home in Lagos State. Bade allegedly stabbed her in the face with a
broken glass and rained blows on her.

She was later hospitalized. Policemen from the Surulere division were said to have arrested and detained Bade, after which he was released on bail. The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said the police were preparing to take Bade to court when his wife came to withdraw the case.

The wife, along with both families, was said to have begged the police not to take the case to court on the grounds that Bade is her husband and the father of her two children. Bade was made to sign an undertaking to be of good behavior.

The dispute allegedly stemmed from the fact that Bade came home very late on Monday, which made the wife refuse to open the gate for him. In denying the claim that he stabbed his wife, Bade said: “All she said was a lie.

It was my hand that I used to beat her and she was the one that used a plank to hit me in the back and even stabbed me with the broken mirror. I have a deep cut in my back and in the front. I slapped her. She got a swollen face because she is plump.” Cc: Punchng


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