Ayodele gets an invite from Freeze as he faces eviction from his rented house

In a post tiled “THE PARADIGM HAS SHIFTED!” Freeze wrote: “The ‘oil bubble’ has burst and a new bubble is about to be birthed. It’s the #MadeInNigeria bubble and if we don’t tap into it now, we would miss out of the biggest opportunity of this generation. The black gold that used to be was our nation’s financial backbone doesn’t command the price it once did. It’s a new dawn and the perfect time to look inward and drill another type of ‘black Gold’.

It’s time to invest our ‘intellectual capital’ and grow our human resource potential. Until we realize out inherent capability we cannot utilize it, and to realize it, we have to invest in education, industriousness and innovation.

Ayodele is the 1st Nigerian in 54years to get a perfect CGPA. My question is, how do we encourage him, and channel the minds of the forthcoming generation into the realization that our intellectual ability is the driving force behind innovation, which in itself is our greatest asset?

How do we dissuade the next generation from the teachings of many pastors, who ‘Barnum’ them, by selling the idea of a ready made financial miracle, for 10% of their current income? How do we encourage them to stay back and build Nigeria instead of running overseas?

Despite all Ayo’s potential, he is about to be evicted from his home @sujimoto81 need you! Dear Sen. Bruce, you often speak about #MadeInNigeria. Let us develop him so he won’t be stolen from us by the intellectual poachers of the western world.

Innoson, please give this man a car. If you can win a car at the headies for singing skibirobisko, I believe he should be awarded one too. MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL you give endorsements to Musicians whose songs quite often possess Questionable Lyrics and Encourage a ‘Poverty Mindset’ please endorse this gentleman.

Gov Fayose, leave Buhari for a few minutes and attend to Ayo who is from your state. Please put the might of your office behind him and he would make your state proud! I have begun to live the change I preach. I will put whatever little power I have, behind @ayodeledanieldada.”


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