Ashton Kutcher hates cars, loves scooters

Ashton Kutcher and Effie Epstein discussed their investment strategy at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. With their VC fund Sound Ventures, they invested in Bird. While they are conflicted on this topic, Kutcher had a passionate answer about scooters.

Here’s a video of what he had to say:

I recommend listening to the video to hear how mad Kutcher was. But if you’re at work, here’s the main quote.

“This is like the simplest one of them all in so much as nobody wakes up in the morning, opens their front door and says ‘god look at how many cars there are, there are parked everywhere.’ There are fucking parked everywhere! There are cars parked everywhere, it’s ridiculous! They’re clogging the roads, they’re making it impossible to get anywhere you want to go,” Kutcher said.

“But boy do we open up the door and go ‘man there are scooters all over the place.’ Hold on, wait a second, this is aversion to change. And suddenly we go: Alright, we have to regulate the hell out of this because people are complaining. But nobody is complaining about the fact that there are cars everywhere.”

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