Arrested Nigerian housemaid in Lybya stole about N14 million cash, jewelries from her boss

A Nigerian woman identified as Rashida Aybola was arrested for allegedly stealing 68,540 dinars (14,101,520.47 Nigerian Naira) and gold necklace from the house where she worked as a housemaid in Abu Salim district, Tripoli, Libya.

According to Tajoura Combating Crimes Office, the owner of the house said that the Nigerian woman planned her robbery beforehand. Rashida allegedly added a sleeping pill in his wife’s drink which made her unconscious so that she could get away with the money and gold, which she put in a suitcase and then escaped.

theft maid

Rashida was apprehended by men of Tajoura Combating Crimes Office in Sooq Al-Jomua district in Tripoli with the stolen money and gold, then they brought to the Tajoura Combating Crimes Office building.


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