Another Buhari’s daughter

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For certain reasons, little is known about President Muhammadu Buhari’s children. This may not be a deliberate act by Buhari but it is what it is.

Nigerians are familiar with Zahra and that is simply because she speaks out once in a while. Her massive marriage to Ahmed Indimi, billionaire Mohammed Indimi’s son, in 2016, also sold her out to the public.

There is also Yusuf, who became popular in Nigeria in December 2017 after he was involved in a ghastly power bike accident in the Gwanripa area of Abuja. He broke a limb and sustained an injury on his head as a result.

During the week, however, another Buhari’s daughter, Aisha, surfaced from ‘nowhere.’ She became the talk of social media after her mother took to social media to celebrate her graduation with a first-class degree in the United Kingdom. There were also plenty of photos to show for it.

The development came as good news to Nigerians. Suddenly, there was something exciting to talk about on social media.

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