Angry Nigerian rants on Facebook, about the homework given to her 5-year-old niece

“I am very certain that when I become a mother, and my children are in this country, I’m going to be the scourge and headaches of some schools.

Last year, my niece was given an assignment on figures. A girl that was 4 years old then, you asked her to
write 50 – 100 and you asked her to write such in a 2A exercise book. You didn’t rule the pages of the 2A, you just gave it to her like that. Except memory must have failed me, the exercise book for writing figures is 2B.

The girl got confused at a point, the tired mother spanked her, her cries touched me so raw and I had to go look at what was causing all the noise and tears. I saw it and I asked the mom if any teacher gave her such assignment in a 2A notebook while she was the daughter’s age.

I wrote a note to the class teacher. Anyway, the nonsense stopped for a short while. If as a parent I send my ward to your school, you in turn now give my child any nonsense homework, then I will let you realise that I can send the Ministry of Education after you

Some will give homework that any sane person knows that it is the parents that will eventually do it. My parents, my elder brothers never did any of my homework for me. Homework is meant to test if the child has a good grasp of what you imparted and also to see if your method of teaching is working. 

You don’t test me as a parent. What sort of nonsense assignment is this? What concerns a pupil with Shina Peters? Is this part of the school’s curriculum? Some will ask parents to pay for excursions and the destination for such will be shoprite or Eko hotel. 

Are these schools mad houses or what? And parents still send their children there The other day, one mushroom school in my neighbourhood at Badagry was teaching one useless rhyme… “left right left right, ikebe no dey heavy the owner, left right..” I was beyond shock.

There is an open community well right in front of the school, an uncovered well. I wrote about it and a cousin inboxed me to say I shouldn’t expose the school. Where do we start from?”…. anyway, skiboroboskibo. U kno d rest…..


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