Anglican Church, Enugu bans topless dresses to weddings, receptions

According to PM News, the Anglican Arch-Diocese of Enugu has officially banned wearing of topless dresses to Church weddings, reception and services. This was made known by the Archbishop of the Arch-Diocese, Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma. 

Chukwuma said the ban was to return moral chastity on persons, especially women and that the Church’s strong stance against indecent dressing would help to check sexual harassment and provocation, which lead to prostitution and rape in the society. Using veils to cover topless wedding dresses is also no longer allowed.

His words: “I have directed ushers and wardens in various churches in Enugu to ensure that no topless dressed person enters into the Church under any guise.”…. ds became necessary after a certain Orezi defamed Enugu girls by falsely claiming dt they like to do, to do, to do…..


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