Ambode shuts down Mile 12 market, following the ethnic crisis

Lagos State Governor, Akinwumi Ambode has ordered the immediate closure of the Mile 12 Market followinb the 3-day violence between Hausa and Yoruba traders, which have left some people dead and properties destroyed. 

Trouble allegedly started on Tuesday, after a Hausa commercial bike rider knocked down a woman. The bike rider was said to have been told to take the woman to the hospital, but he refused, insisting that the motorbike association, which collects tolls from them, should take care of the woman.

This reportedly led to a heated argument and then to a fight which continued all through yesterday till today when some thugs, believed to be of Yoruba origin, invaded the market and started attacking the Hausas. Security operatives have now restored peace to the area, with residents now moving freely. Cc: @onye_guy


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