Amazon Echo and Alexa arrive in Mexico

Alexa’s path to AI global domination continues apace with the addition of Mexico to its growing list of markets. Amazon today opened up pre-orders for the Echo, Dot, Plus, Spot and  Smart Plug. The devices are set to start shipping next week.

Of course, bringing such devices to new markets is more complicated than just supply chain issues. Ever new location means new accents and cultural nuances.

Amazon brought the Alexa to Spain earlier this year, but the the distinction between that brand of Spanish and the one spoken in Mexico is broad enough to require some massive changes, not to mention a spate of different local customs that need to be adhered to with the building of Skills. 

The smart assistant is currently available in around 40 countries, including the addition of Italy and Spain late last month. Google’s Assistant, meanwhile, launched in Mexico over the summer via the arrival of Home and Home Mini.

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