After 18 years of being single, Nollywood actress’ mom remarries


Amanda Ebeye’s mum, Princess Olufunmilayo Akinrinade, is off the market, and that’s authoritative. The erstwhile single mom tied the knot with his Royal Highness, Prince Okoro Idusere Ezomo-Urhogho of
Benin Kingdom, on Friday.

She divorced Amanda’s father, 18 years ago, after he married another wife. Speaking about the divorce in a 2013 interview, Amanda said: “I had a painful and traumatized childhood. I come from a broken home. I grew up with my mother and she is everything to me.


My dad and my mum had heavy issues and after my dad married another woman, my mum moved out of the house. My dad refused to allow us see her. Whenever she visited us, especially in the church where we used to worship my father would come down disgrace her and drag us away.


Often times it would come with severe slaps and beatings for my siblings and I. After I finished secondary I officially wrote my Dad that I wanted to live with my mum. I moved in with her in a tiny space that was a little less than a shop space. She didn’t even have a tv set then.”


Announcing her mom’s wedding on IG, she said: “18 years you stayed alone, to give your kids the best. Even when you didn’t have. You wore rags so your kids could have the best. You’ll rather brag about your kids than yourself.


The best mum anyone could hope for and the best wife for a wise man. I thank God for this time in your life. An opportunity to be happy again. Happy married life mum. May God continue to bless you for us.”…… may no sidechic put asunder……


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