Afghanistan: 3 Dead As Suicide Bomber Attacks NATO Patrol

A suicide bomber killed three NATO service members on patrol in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday,  August 5, 2018, officials said.

A NATO Resolute Support mission service member, an American, and two Afghan soldiers were wounded, the mission said.

The attack is being investigated.

Officials said the blast happened in the Khalazai area of Charikar, capital of Parwan province.

Wahida Shahkar, spokeswoman for the Parwan provincial governor, said the suicide bomber targeted foreign forces who were on a routine patrol.

The Taliban, fighting to restore strict Islamic law after their 2001 ouster, claimed responsibility. In Venezuela, a broadcast by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Saturday was cut short during an outdoor speech at a military event and soldiers were seen running before the televised transmission was cut off.

A loud explosion nearby appeared to have been the cause of the anxiety as  Maduro was speaking about Venezuela’s economy. The audio suddenly went. He and others on the podium suddenly looked up, looking startled.

The camera then panned to scores of soldiers who started running, before the transmission was cut. The Information Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But various reports said Maduro was evacuated into safety.

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