A month after being kidnapped, sold 3 times & starting school, 3-yr-old girl finally recovered


Oluwasemilore Adebiyi, 3, was kidnapped by her mother’s apprentice, Grace John, from Benue State, at her mother’s shop located at Number 1 James Oyedele street off Temidire road Moshalashi Alagbado, Lagos state, on Saturday January 28th, five days after starting work.



Exactly month later, she has been recovered in Abia State, after being sold 3 different times and starting school in the house of her final buyer. The recovery was made possible after Grace was arrested in Badagry, Lagos. .


According to the parents, Oluwasemilore was initially sold to a woman in Onitsha, Anambra State. From there she was sold for N500k, to Awka, before finally being resold for N600k, to a childless couple in Umuahia, Abia State, where she had already started school before her rescue.


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