68-year-old woman gets battered by her 70-year-old husband

This was shared on Twitter by Human Rights activist, Joe Okei-Odumakin. Her narrative: “On our way back from court, we learned of 68yr old woman battered by her 70yr old husband and we went straight there. We got to the house in Isheri, Lagos, and saw the woman, plasters taping different areas on her head.

The woman showed us the staff her husband smashed on her head and described the incidence. Next, we went to see Baba for his narrative. He was remorseful and said not a deliberate act. He broke in tears.

We brought them together and resolved it. Both were sorry and promised they won’t take their angers this far again. Old couple happy again, said they’d invite us soon, not anything, but to celebrate birthday with them. One love pls!”


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