67-year-old Britain’s most married man, gets engaged for the 9th time, to a 27-year-old

Ron Sheppard, 67, fell for Filipino call centre worker Cristel Marquez, a mother-of-one who is 40 years his junior, after secretly chatting her up online. They first met more than 10 years ago, when Cristel was 15 or 16, while he was married to his 7th wife and living in Thailand.

Ron, a father-of-eight, has spent 44 of the last 47 years, married and his longest union lasted 13 years while the shortest lasted 10 months. Ron’s 8th wife, Weng, divorced him after 11 years of marriage because he allegedly cheated on her with one Iza Samontes, 27….. ds jst shows dt there r still responsible men who believe in marriage…..

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