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I, like many of us, spend a lot of time on laundry. At least half of my weekend goes in sorting out, washing, drying and folding the <a href=”https://www.halagreen.com”>laundry</a>. I always try to find ways to do the laundry faster and more conveniently in order to spend more of my weekend with family or to just relax. Below are some of the tips that I have practiced over time which helps me do the laundry quicker and efficiently.


1.    Always check the pockets Whenever you enter the laundry room, check the pockets of your jeans, trousers, etc. By this you will save your clothes from getting torn from metallic or other types of items. Also, it saves your clothes from stains in case there is pen left inside the pocket. This step also will ensure that you do not wash off your money while they are left in the pockets. Hence, always check the pockets and go to the next tip.


2.    You don’t have to sort the laundry by color every time Different fabric types require different washing techniques. Some fabrics require more washing time than others. Similarly, some fabrics may need less detergent than others. Hence, always wash light weight fabrics separately  and wash all heavy weight fabrics separately. This will lead to clean and fresh washing efficiently.


3.    Soiled clothes or not soiled clothes Washing clothes that you wear daily to get rid of the sweat, smell, dust, etc. should take fairly less time and can be done with your normal washing settings. However, do not mix the smudged or stained clothes with your regular laundry. This may not only stain the other clothes but also spoil their texture due to excessive washing.


4.    Use cold water – except for whites Most people think that warm/hot water cleans clothes better. However, I have experienced that warm water damages the colour of the clothes. The colors of clothes fade away when washed in hot water and detergent. Having said that, warm water can help clean white clothes better. So, chose the temperature of the water according to the color of your clothes.


5.    Pin your socks together – you don’t want a lonely sock after the Lonely socks is every households known issue. Socks have a magic island where they vanish into whenever you put them for wash. In order to avoid that, try pinning them together with safety pins. You may otherwise want to put one inside the other. That way, the pair gets washed together. You will never have lonely socks again.


Stay tuned to know more about laundry and laundry hacks and tips.

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