5 Essential Tips For Improving Your Web Design

Website design has a great impact on user engagement of a website. A good website design can earn you a huge amount of traffic as it immediately attracts the audience to your website. A good web design is not just about great graphics anymore because now there is special UI/UX which help in designing a website that is purely user-friendly and easy to use.

Your users get a great impact on the quality of your company from your website, and within the first 5 seconds of visiting your website, users should get a clear idea of your services. However, then comes the question of easy navigations and user-friendly designs. A good web design considered with all the aspects of UI/UX can lower your bounce rate to a great extent.

A good website definitely has good design & good content coupled with fast functionality and great user experience. But, the foremost important thing in website success is its web design because that’s the first impression users get of you and good design can get you really close to success.

Let’s have a look at how your website design can be improved.

1. Relevant visuals

A good web design should communicate the idea of your business through its theme, supporting pictures and animations. Everything must be in sync with your business nature because people start to follow trends blindly without seeing its relevance. It is very important to go along the business nature rather than trendy designs because people have already seen a lot of it and trends change very soon and aren’t practical.

However, some trends are very strong and are here to stay so don’t ignore trends like 3D visualization which brings the website design to another level. You can take FieldAp product as an example of 3d visualization tool available in a browser.

2. Easy navigation

A very good point to notice and it comes under the UX design of web, all web design should be passed through the UI/UX design test because even greatest of graphic designs are not user-friendly and don’t provide easy navigation through the website. For instance, many companies who have blogs don’t even have a blog link. Some user-friendly navigations example can be providing team section link under the about us section. Users don’t have to go back and click on another tab, they can rather go directly to the team when they finish reading the about us section.

3. Mobile view

Never forget the importance of mobile view because almost half of the users visit your website via mobiles. So, having a good and user-friendly mobile design is highly important because if you don’t provide an impressive mobile view, the mobile users will increase the bounce rate of your website. It is therefore highly important to have a responsive mobile view for your web design.

4. Social sharing buttons

These are now indispensable for any web design, and a good one should always include social sharing icons and easy post sharing through the website should be enabled. Good website design includes social sharing icons at multiple pages on the website.

5. Keep testing

A good design should engage with users, and you can try it yourself before anyone else and see if it engages you. Also, get your friends and peers to test the UI/UX of your website and based on the honest feedbacks, get your web design updated. When even your website is running, perform tests every two or three months to see that the design doesn’t go obsolete.

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