400-level Law student who drives to school on a scooter, grants interview.


Zaynab Salihu is a student of Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto. She is the only female that drives bike in hers school. Here is an interview she had with Abdulrazaq Ahmad of Pen Press

Pen: Can you
please introduce yourself ma?
Zainab: my name is Zainab Salihu, A 400 level law student, from the noble faculty of law of this great university (UDUS). I hail from Ngaski LGA of kebbi state.


Pen: what inspired you to buying a scooter?
Zainab: I have many inspirations. First of all, I love riding bikes, actually I bike within short distance, like my people are not so bold in so many things. There was a day I asked my mum how she feels about me ridding a scooter, she responded that she likes it and I was encouraged. Another reason is that the hostel to my faculty is far, my scooter makes life easier for me.

Pen: How do you feel riding scooter in a society where ladies don’t ride it?
Zainab: I feel happy because I love my scooter like my own baby, this is what I want and I got it. I feel am opening door for my fellow ladies, most of them can’t do it. People ask me questions like “where are you from? Are from the north?” of course am from the North. Kebbi state specifically.


Pen: People in this society believe things like this are better handled by men, what’s your response to that?
Zainab: I have actually come to prove that what a man can do, a woman can do it better. And you know what? I feel unique because. It’s been a year that I bought it and am still the only lady riding it in this school.

Pen: What is your advice to people out there?
Zainab: My advice to them is that they should not listen to what people say, if you keep listening to negative words, you will never move forward, let the sky be your limit. Just do what you want and what you think is really good for you. I am really happy right now. What people say is irrelevant.”….. like an Obama’s speech…..


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