20-year-old heroine seller caught on his first day on the job, says they sell N15,000 heroin daily

Ridwan Aliyu, who came to Lagos State four months ago from Ibadan where he had gained freedom as an apprentice clothes merchant and needed money to set up his own business but that money had been scarce, was arrested at Lagos Island. He says one gram of heroin sells for as much as N7,000.

According to him: “A friend of mine came to Ibadan and told me that he would introduce me to a business in Lagos and I would make quick and big money if I could be a part of it. He painted the business so well that I had no choice but to join him in order to make the money required to set up my trade.

If I had known, I wouldn’t have agreed to this. It was actually my first day on the job that I was caught. We sold between N10,000 and N15,000 worth of heroin every day. I don’t even use the drugs. My job was to sell to the users but I hadn’t even sold any that day. People who don’t have money would come and drop their phones in exchange for the drugs.”…. some even forget deleting their nude pics b4 dropping d phones….


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