2-year-old twins and their Nigerian grandparents die in USA house fire


They died yesterday after a fire burned through their Prince George’s County home in Maryland. The twins, Israel and Anna Omijie, were taken to Children’s Hospital, but died as a result of their injuries, upon
arrival to the hospital.


The grandparents, Caroline Omogbo, 55, and Samson Omogbo, 63, were pronounced dead at the scene. Officials say there were 3 additional people in the home at the time of the fire, the mother of the twins jumped from the 2nd floor and was taken to an area hospital for treatment. The other two escaped without any injuries.

Samson Omogbo went to the U.S at least 15 years ago from Nigeria after winning a green-card lottery. He started a furniture-restoration business and was able to take his wife and 7 children to the U.S shortly after his arrival. They moved into the house last year.


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