2 Brothers Disarm Robber After Gun Failed, Hand Him To Police In Lagos (Photos)

A Nigerian man has narrated how he caught a gunman during an armed robbery operation in Lagos with the help of his brother.

The man identified as Okoro Isaac, was going to church on Sunday 17th June, 2018 in the company of his brother. They were reportedly walking along the Kirikiri Bridge heading towards Berger Motors around 5:40am so as to get a bus heading to Ijesha when they were accosted by three armed robbers.

They surrounded them and tried to rob them of their belongings. One of the armed robbers who was wielding a gun became infuriated during the operation and pointed the gun on him with the aim of shooting at him.

He made good his threat by shooting the gun, but the gun didn’t respond.

According to reports, when the robbers saw their gun wasn’t responding, they took to their heels.

The man and his brother chased after them from the bridge all the way to Beach land and were able to capture the one wielding the gun. They caught him and dispossessed him of his weapon.

The brothers marched down to a nearby Police station (The Beach Land Police Station) where they handed the thief and the Gun over to the Police men there. The Police men were clearly shocked and decide to check if the gun was actually functioning. At this time, the D.P.O’s attention had been drawn to the case. The Police shot the gun in the air and it responded showing that it was filled with live ammunition.

Upon checking the gun, they also discovered five more bullets loaded in the gun. The D.P.O being amazed asked the brothers if their father had given them something (diabolic powers) with which they used to defeat such armed robbers. They were true believers.

The armed robber has been charged to court and is currently awaiting trial.

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