18 Facts About Plagiarism In Academic Writings 

What is plagiarism?

If the person uses not her thoughts and ideas in own paper or work, it is total plagiarism. It means all papers should be checked and there should not be any intentional or reckless duplications.

There are some types of plagiarism which exist in the world:


The combining of phrases and paragraphs from different sources to create one full paper. But the problem is that full plagiarized essay, even if the student uses a lot of references and has a proper essay structure.


This type is usually accidental plagiarism. Students take notes before writing the paper and then sometimes could not distinguish the author words and general purpose and add this text to their essay without quoting.


It appears when the student submits the essay which was written by someone else, the whole text. The common thing is when the person is just purchasing or ask a friend to write the paper for him/her.

Near complete

Here the student could write some parts of the essay in own words, but others will be stolen from someone else. Or there is the full text with quotes and phrases from another person but with the comments of the student.


Sometimes different courses could have the similar essay task. It is plagiarism if the student applies two identical essays on two classes, even if he or she updates or adapts it. But there are situations where the student wants to use his or her words in the new research, then it should be approved by the teacher or professor, and you should give this person a copy of the original writing.

Is it a problem?

It is a total disaster if the student applies duplicated content because it means he/she does not understand the topic or does not want to produce original ideas and thoughts.

If the student is found guilty of plagiarism, there could be strong punishment: from losing the credits in the assignment to drop out of the university at all.

How to detect plagiarism?

In the modern world there are enough tools to check your essay. Here are some of them:

– Search Engine Reports

This free anti-plagiarism checker is a great tool to check an essay. This site has years of practice and serving lots of students. The student could paste the essay into the provided space. Then click on the button to check it. More significant to do this after finishing the essay writing before submitting the paper to the professor. The same for professors and teachers — upload students’ works, the checker will go through every word and sentence and provide reliable results.

The way to understand results is simple — if the text highlighted with green color, then this part is free for duplications, and if it is marked with red — here is the plagiarism and it should be rewritten.

– Grammarly

This online tool could be used on the Internet or even in the downloaded application. It works the same as the previous one, highlighting passages where the plagiarism is detected. But this app also gives the review on vocabulary and grammar mistakes, which makes this program unique and help students the best. The only thing is that if you want to have a plagiarism checker and a full grammar checker, you need to update your Grammarly to the Premium version.

– IThenticate

This tool for checking works has almost 20 years of practice and among their clients is the United Nations and the World Health Organization. It has a vast base of web pages and content items with which it will check the essay or another type of work by every word.

– Small Seo Tools

This particular website could check the essay for plagiarism for free. The algorithm of the checking is not that hard – paste the text, wait fora little while the system will pass it through the database and get results. There will be red fragments and the links on websites where such text already exists. Good for you if there are no red passages through the essay. But if there are such things, you should work on rewriting.

– Dustball

The online plagiarism checker which created especially for students and teachers. It will check the work to find same text through other publications and give you results. This checker has two versions — free and premium one. The premium version is more accurate and has a bigger database.

How to avoid plagiarism?

If you know that your work has plagiarized fragments, it is the time to rewrite it using the following methodology.

1. Referencing

It is the accurate way to avoid lots of paraphrasing. You need to include a page of works or a reference page at the end of the essay. The information you provide here is the title, the source, the date of publication and the author. Before you will add such reference, make research of the document guidelines of formatting which are used by educational institution you are studying.

2. Cite

One of the most accessible methods to make your essay clear and free of identical passages is citing. But it requires you to use referencing after. And it also should be proper and done with the special formatting guidelines to not have problems later.

3. Citing Own Material

Sometimes some students are facing the problems of self-plagiarism — using the materials and words you have used before during the current class in your essays, paper assessments, and other documents. You should carefully read the guideline how to cite your materials and treat the text the same as you did with simple citing.

4. Quoting

To avoid plagiarism allegations, you also could use quoting. It means you should quote the source exactly how it appears. Do not use quotes for the parts of more than 40 words or special “block quotes” — for people who will read and check your essay it says you do not have your thoughts and could not understand the sayings of the author you are quoting now.

5. Paraphrase

The process of writing the essay is the researching on the lots of information, and there will be something which is exactly the thoughts you need to share. It is a great art to read these thoughts carefully and write them in your own words. But be careful – if you use two or more words from the text you are rewriting, then you should use quoting and citing of these materials.

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