10,000 hunters seek clearance to confront Boko Haram in Sambisa


PremiumTimes has gathered that an estimated 10,000 local hunters from the North-east of Nigeria gathered recently in Adamawa State for their annual oath-taking festival, known as Salala and they used the opportunity to appeal to the government to make use of their members in the fight against terrorism.

Their leader, Muhammad Tola, said: “We are ready to pursue the terrorists because we know the terrain very well. We are appealing to the military authorities to allow us join the fight against Boko Haram at the Sambisa forest.”

He said the hunters needed the government to assist them with ammunition, transportation and logistics. He said the government could also enlist young hunters who were willing to join the army, police, and other security agencies…. jst like developed worlds do…. Cc: PremiumTimes 


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